Magic Keyboard - US English

Magic Keyboard - US English
Magic Keyboard - US English

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The Apple Magic Keyboard is the perfect keyboard for your Mac or iOS device, providing a comfortable and precise typing experience. With a sleek and elegant design, this keyboard has a stable scissor mechanism beneath each key, providing an enhanced key feature that optimizes key travel and offers a low profile.

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Introducing the Apple Magic Keyboard in Silver, a standalone wireless keyboard that provides a remarkable typing experience. With a stable scissor mechanism beneath each key, optimized key travel, and a low profile, this keyboard delivers exceptional comfort and precision. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod, the Magic Keyboard connects via wireless Bluetooth or Lightning to USB Cable.

Designed for office use, this keyboard features a single-color backlighting system, making it easy to work even in dimly lit environments. The rechargeable battery powers the keyboard for about a month or more between charges, ensuring a long-lasting and uninterrupted work experience. It pairs automatically with your Mac, iPad, or iPhone, making it easy to get started right away. If you're looking for a high-quality wireless keyboard, the Apple Magic Keyboard is an excellent choice.

Long-lasting Battery Life

With an incredibly long-lasting battery life, the Apple Magic Keyboard can power your keyboard for about a month or more between charges. You can work for hours on end without worrying about running out of power. The keyboard also features an automatic on/off function that conserves battery life.

Compatibility and Connectivity

The Apple Magic Keyboard is compatible with both Mac and iOS devices, making it the perfect accessory for your Apple products. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and features a wireless range of up to 30 feet, allowing you to work comfortably from a distance.

Magic Keyboard Language and Layout

The Apple Magic Keyboards are available in several language and layout options, including QWERTY, QWERTY UK, QWERTY US, and QWERTZ. This makes it easy to choose the perfect keyboard for your needs. This Apple Keyword is for US Language.

Apple Magic Keyboard Usage

The Apple Magic Keyboard is a versatile keyboard that can be used with mobile phones, PCs, and tablets. It's the perfect keyboard for those who need to type on the go or work from multiple devices. At iFuture, we offer the Apple Magic Keyboard - US English at an affordable price. Order now and get

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Wherever you are in India, you can easily get your hands on the Apple Magic Keyboard. iFuture, a trusted Apple retailer, has stores located in Delhi (Ashok Vihar, Rohini), Yamunanagar, Sonipat, Gurugram, Ambala (City & Cantt), Korum Mall, Thane, Matunga East, Mumbai, and Opera House, Mumbai. You can visit any of these stores to check out the keyboard in person and take it home with you the same day.
If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your own home, you can also order the Apple Magic Keyboard online from iFuture's website. Simply browse their selection, add the keyboard to your cart, and complete the checkout process. iFuture offers fast and reliable shipping across India, so you can get your keyboard delivered right to your doorstep.

User's Review of Apple Magic Keyboard

My recent purchase of the Apple Magic Keyboard from iFuture was excellent. I found it to be the best place to buy this essential accessory in India. The Magic Keyboard's seamless typing experience and convenient trackpad, combined with its sleek design, have greatly enhanced my productivity. iFuture's authenticity and commitment to customer satisfaction make them my go-to choice for Apple products. - Rahul Jain, Delhi
Choosing iFuture for purchasing the Apple Magic Keyboard was a smart decision. Not only did I get it at a reasonable price, but the ordering process was also smooth. The Magic Keyboard's responsive keys and intuitive trackpad have transformed my iPad into a versatile workstation. iFuture's dedication to providing genuine products at competitive prices solidifies them as the top destination for Apple accessories in India. - Priya Patel, Mumbai

User-Centric FAQs on Apple Magic Keyboard

What is the current price of the Apple Magic Keyboard in India, and where can I purchase it?

The price of the Apple Magic Keyboard in India may vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions. For the most accurate pricing and a reliable purchase, consider checking authorized Apple retailers or online platforms like iFuture. Visit their official website or contact authorized stores for specific details on pricing and purchasing options.

Where is the best place to buy the Apple Magic Keyboard in India?

For the best purchasing experience and genuine products, consider iFuture as the top destination to buy the Apple Magic Keyboard in India. iFuture is an authorized Apple reseller known for offering competitive prices and reliable customer service. Explore their online platform or visit physical stores for a hassle-free buying experience.

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